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  The colour of its coat may vary from light to dark brown, some white patches may be found on its chest. Its muffle is generally dark, bordered with white. The skin of its udder is pigmented.
The functionality of the udder is excellent, the skeletal structure is strong and well marked and it shows great characteristics for the production of milk.
Front side The front is generally harmonic; the neck is thin with many skin folds; the withers are well closed and rather sharp, its shoulders are harmonically merged with its neck; its chest is strong and wide, which contributes to extending its thoracic cavity. The vertical limbs are well separeted and they have flat bones.
Chine Its chine is rectilinear, without any emptiness Retro-scapular, with large and strong loins.
Rump It is long and wide, with its protruding sacral bon is not too high; the tail head is neither flat, concave nor high. Its tail is quite thin.
Back limbs They are correctly perpendicular, they are strong, slender with flat bones.
Feet They are strong and compact, with high hooves and with strong nails.
Fore udder It is correctly attached,it’s not divided, it has regular quarters with a profile that is lightly rounded; the abdominal veins are protruding and sinous with a wide milk well. Its skin is spongy and elastic.
Rear udder It is strongly and perfectly attached,it is high and large and slightly protruding compared to the fore udder. It has regular quarters and its skin is spongy and elastic.
teets They are uniform and perpendicolar. They should be in the centre of each quarter.
It shoul be parallel to the floor above the line of the hocks.


Height to the withers 145-150 cm
Width of the breast 45-50 cm
Toracic depth 70-75 cm
Abdominal depth 85-90 cm
Angle of rump 4-5 cm
Range to the ischium 20-25 cm
Angle to the hock 135°-145°
Height to the heel 4-5 cm
The level above the hock 5-7 cm
Fore udder 28 cm
Posterior height from the vulva
30 cm
Thoracic circumference 190-205 cm
Length of the rump 55-63 cm
Width of the rump 50-57 cm
Length of the chine 190-210 cm