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Serizzo Antigorio

Serizzo Antigorio

The Serizzo Antigorio stone is geologically classified as a metamorphic rock. It is an orthogneiss biotitic granite, occhiadino, (ocellar gneiss with eye-shaped feldspar specks), it has regular grains and its colour is prevalently dark- grey, due to the presence of biotite mica. The Serizzo Antigorio stone has an evident foliation.

Mineralogical characteristics:
The Serizzo Antigorio stone, is mainly composed by quartz, potassium feldspar, biotite and scarcely composed by muscovite and epidote.


SiO2 = 68,0
TiO2 = 1,4
Al2O3 = 17,6
Fe2O3 = 0,5
FeO = 1,9
MgO = 1,1
CaO = 2,0
Na2O = 3,7
K2O = 3,8


Compressioni breaking load Mpa 141
Compression breaking load after freezing Mpa 128
Imbibition coefficient gr%0 3,75
Ultimate tensile strengh MpA 16
Impact test: minimum fall height cm. 82
Thermal linear expansion coefficient 106/°C 12,75
Frictional wear test: relative 0,75
Wight per unit of volume kN/m3 27,3
Elasticy module tangente Et - Mpa 40824
secante Es - Mpa 20199
Knoop microhardness Mpa 4576
Poisson coefficient tangente ut- 0,361
secante ut- 0,122
Speed ultrasonic waves m/s 2295